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Exporter & Importer
Trading Company
Mr. yuttana ruangsantiyotin
2533 bangchak prakhanong bkk
bangkok, Tottori
Tel: 66 2 7904205
Key Figures
Years in Business 118
Annual Revenue > USD 100 Million
Employees Above 1000
Company Profile
Our success story is based on the fact that we have re-invented the conventional business model of trading companies and created a distinctive new category: Market Expansion Services. Our vision is to be known as the world’s leading company in Market Expa
Product(s) we Sell
Target Export Market(s)
Product(s) we Buy
[293311 ] Phenaxone (Antipyrin), Its Derivatives
[293319 ] Other Nitrogen Compounds Containing Unfused Pyrazole Ring System
[293321 ] Hydantoin and Its Derivatives
[293329 ] Other Nitrogen Compounds Containing Unfused Imidazole Ring System
[293331 ] Pyridine and Its Salts
[293339 ] Other Nitrogen Compounds Containing Unfused Pyridine Ring System
[293340 ] Nitrogen Compounds Containing a Quinoline or Isoquinoline Ring System
[293351 ] Malonylurea (Barbituric Acid) and Its Derivatives, Salts Thereof
[293359 ] Other Nitrogen Compounds Containing a Pyrimidine Ring or Piperazine Ring System
[293361 ] Melamine
[293369 ] Other Nitrogen Compounds Containing Unfused Triazine Ring System
[293371 ] 6-hexanelactam (Epsilon-caprolactam)
[293379 ] Other Lactams
[293390 ] Other Heterocyclic Compounds With Nitrogen Hetero-atom Only
Target Import Market(s)
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